What is Anchor Text? - Social Media Glossary

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Anchor text is the visible text in a link that a person clicks on to access the website or page linked.

In SEO, anchor text is important because it helps the search engine determine what the website linked to is about.

The title of your blog posts are anchor text for that post's individual page. Naming your blog post titles with specific yet cohesive terms is a better strategy for SEO than naming it in a creative fashion. For example, if you are writing a post about centerpieces, these could be possible titles:

Creative: A Rose By Any Other Name (No one is looking up this phrase when they type a search in Google for centerpiece ideas. Your post will most likely end up being indexed with Shakespeare.)

Better: Pretty Centerpiece (More specific, but still vague. Are you talking about holiday centerpieces? Weddings? A four year old's birthday candy-filled centerpiece?)

Best: Spring Wedding Centerpiece (Specific and concise. It tells both the search engine and the user exactly what the post is about and is closest to what a bride will type into Google when initially searching for decor ideas).

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