Thursday, December 01, 2005

Liene's ability to identify, articulate and translate patterns and behavioral dynamics into practical business strategies has made her the go-to expert on how today's brides and grooms really think and, more importantly, how they really buy.

Think Splendid provides strategic insight on the intersection of business and client behavior to the wedding and lifestyle industries. Specializing in consumer psychology, with a current focus on the millennial generation, Liene conducts research and analysis in the primary areas of price perception, aesthetic and hedonistic consumption, buyer interaction, consumer socialization, lifestyle and psychographics, social influence, brand equity and brand loyalty. In other words, she studies what makes engaged couples tick and why they make the decisions they do.

Companies have brought Liene in to help develop or re-envision products, departments and services, increase audience and reach, develop ancillary revenue and platform opportunities (book deals, television shows, speaking engagements, etc), facilitate the sale of the company and more.

Respected for her straight-shooting, no-nonsense style as well as her discretion, Liene has worked with wedding, event and hospitality brands on six of the seven continents, including designers, photographers, caterers, stationers, publishers, restaurants and hotel groups, among others, as well as organizations in the travel, retail and technology sectors. All projects are kept confidential unless a client prefers otherwise.

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