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Monday, December 31, 2007

In accordance with the FTC regulations that went into effect October 2009, this page will be continually updated to disclose any relationships with companies or products that appear here on the Think Splendid blog. Disclosures required by the PRSA code of ethics will also be posted.

Disclosures and Relationships:

*If a client of Splendid Communications is discussed in a post, it will be disclosed specifically in that blog post. Think Splendid does not accept payment or in-kind compensation for blog editorial.
*All Twitter or other non-blog social media updates that mention a Splendid Communications client will be disclosed or denoted with *C at the end of the tweet. Updates that consist of simply chatting with a client (non-promotional) will not be disclosed.

*Julianne Smith acts as a publicity consultant for clients of Splendid Communications. In addition to those services, she is compensated for the blog articles she contributes to Think Splendid
*Affiliate links are used when available to link to products or services reviewed or recommended on Think Splendid.

Read more about the FTC Regulations:
What the New FTC Regulations Mean For You
Preferred Vendor Directories and the New FTC Regulations

last updated November 2011

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