12 Important US Laws About Blogging

Monday, February 25, 2008

Since almost everyone who reads this blog has one of their own, you may be interested in this very informative post from Aviva Directory. This post covers 12 United States laws that pertain to blogging. They also provide some handy tips for staying out of trouble and keeping everything above bar.

One of them includes that you do not own the comments that people post on your blog, which includes not being able to delete them unless you have a clear terms of use clause stating your ability to do so. Another law is that you have to disclose to your readers every time you are paid to promote a product or service on your blog. For wedding vendors, this would include disclosing whether or not your preferred vendor lists or "best of" directories published online are paid placements.

Thanks to Khris from DIY Bride for passing on this valuable info!

{originally posted on January 19, 2008}

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