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Monday, February 25, 2008

I've talked about Jott before, but now that I've had a chance to incorporate it into my daily workflow, I just have to tell you all that it seriously rocks!

Phoenix is huge and is quickly laying claim to the title of "epitome of urban sprawl" as it surpassed the size of Los Angeles a few years back. It's about 70 miles of solid city-life to the other side of "town" and because vendors are spread out all over, I spend a good amount of time in my car.

Take today for example: to get to an appointment with a florist, I took the 202 to the 101 to the 60 to I-10 to the 51. Five freeways and several side streets later, I arrived. This is normal here and while it is a lot of drive time, it doesn't really get to me.

It never fails, though, that while I am sitting in traffic on the 101, someone will call to schedule an appointment or to give me information that is detailed and urgent. Rarely do they call when I am in front of my computer - that would be just too convenient.

This is where Jott has made my life so much simpler, and my driving, ahem, much safer. Now, instead of trying to enter the appointment into my phone after I hang up, thereby putting myself and all the soccer moms in their SUV's in danger, I simply press a number in speed dial, and leave a message with all the details from the conversation. Then when I have a chance to check my email safely, there is one waiting with my message transcribed, ready for me to simply drag and drop into my calendar.

And this is all free! It's like having a personal assistant in my passenger seat at all times.

So, Jott people, if you read this, you are freaking brilliant! Thank you!

{originally posted on May 17, 2007}

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