blogging 101: how to link

Monday, March 03, 2008

Creating links in blogs is pretty simple, but if you're not used to the blogging platform, you may not know where to look. Here's a quick tutorial for those of you who may still be mystified by the process:

To create a link, simply highlight the text you want to be linked and then click on the icon with the chain link in it. A window will pop up where you can type or paste the url that you want to link to.

linking on blogs

For example, if I am talking about my company, Blue Orchid Designs, and I want to link to my website,, without having the link show all of its insides on the blog, I would simply highlight the phrase Blue Orchid Designs and then paste the link in the box that pops up after hitting the chainlink icon. The result is this: Blue Orchid Designs - a clean and easy way to link.

There are two main areas where not using links is really poor form and a breach of blogging etiquette. When you use photos, always give photo credit and link to the source where they came from. The second is when you talk about someone else, and they have a blog or a website, be sure to link to it.

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