Motivational Monday :: Being More Outgoing

Monday, March 10, 2008

"The business gets better when you get better, and you get better when you work on yourself." - Jim Rohn

Mondays get a bad rap as the beginning of yet another long week and are often met with dread instead of as the opportunity to start something new. So, we're starting a new series called Motivational Mondays where we'll be featuring quotes, videos, and resources that help inspire and shape our attitudes. With all of the technical and artistic skill we may possess, if our heart isn't in what we do, then it's not really worth doing.

First up, this short video on "How to be More Outgoing" by Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone. I'll be the first to admit that I am, by nature, quite shy. I do love people, however, and love good conversation, and have had to work on being more outgoing in very specific ways over the years. Keith shares some good tips in this video and I especially like the part where he discusses avoiding small talk. Happy Monday!

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