Sending Email Attachments

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Note: This post originally ran last March, and I am rerunning it today. With the various computer types clients and vendors have, it is important to send attachments in a format everyone can easily read.

If you are a business professional and are still sending email attachments as a Word document or Excel file, you need to stop. right. now.

PDF's (short for Portable Document Format) are the industry standard and can be opened by anyone who has the free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader (and yes, everyone has this, whether your target client is the young college-aged bride or the older bride with an established career). Everyone does not, however, have compatible versions of Word and Excel.

If you have a Mac, creating a PDF is simple because it is built into the system. Simply press print and choose "Save as a PDF". Voila! You're done and ready to attach your document to an email.

If you are on a PC, some new versions of Microsoft Office also have a built in option to convert documents to PDFs. If you have an older version though, and you don't have the Adobe suite, here are two free versions of PDF creators that you can use: PDF995 and Primo PDF. These two versions also create PDFs via the print menu.

Everything you do contributes to your branding, including how you handle email. When you are a professional charging for your services, then each little detail needs to reinforce in your client's mind that you are worth what you charge and are in fact a pro and not a wedding hobbyist. Sending attachments via PDF is simple and should be incorporated into your standard email procedures.

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