"tag" lines and quotation marks

Friday, March 07, 2008

Is your tag line or slogan encased in quotation marks? It shouldn't be. Unless of course it is a direct quote from someone, and in that case, you need to cite the source. Some other common misuse of quotes specific to the wedding industry: package names and the phrase "since 1998". If quotations marks aren't used to denote something someone specifically said about you, then they usually imply a sarcastic or satirical tone. So when you say your company is the "best" wedding planning company in California, it doesn't exactly convey the message you're intending.

Here is a funny site
with photos of quotes misused in daily life. I wish I could find my photos from the Philippines where everything was in quotes so I could send them a couple. No parking on "either" side of the street was one I passed every day while walking out of my neighborhood and into town.

And here's one of my favorite Friend's moments - the one where Joey doesn't "get" the air quotes:

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