Easy Way to Cut Down On Spam

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ever wonder why some people write their email addresses as anything but the traditional example@example.com? Well, it's simple - when your email is in standard form on the web, whether in text, or coded in text, such as a "mailto:" function, spam bots crawl the web and automatically add those email addresses to their database. This means that if your website, blog or another site has your email written out or has a 'mailto:' link embedded, you will receive exponentially more spam than if you don't.

The spyder bots don't recognize the addresses without the @ symbol, which is why more and more people are posting a contact email in a non-traditional format. Here are some examples:

example at example dot com
example@(removethis)example.com - this is more commonly used when filling in the 'mailto:' function on a web page.

Unfortunately, a lot of legitimate emails get kicked to spam folders, even with the best anti-spam software, so by keeping the real spam in there to a minimum, it is easier to find the good emails that fall through the cracks.

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