Making Your Clients Look Good

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am blind as a bat and wear contact lenses and glasses in order to see. Ordering contacts is fairly simple process, but finding the perfect frames is quite another. I normally don't take anyone with me when I make this purchase, so my second opinion on style comes solely from the the sales clerk at the optometrist's office.

I remember one such experience: I was second guessing how a pair of frames looked on my face and I asked the clerk for her opinion. She agreed that the shape wasn't the most flattering and found me a pair that fit my face better. And they were cheaper! Yay for me!

I remember that experience specifically because she acted in my best interest, not necessarily her own. She could have sold me a pair of frames that were much more costly and a lot less flattering, but she didn't. I asked her opinion and she gave me an honest answer and a better solution at the expense of her profit margin. She used her expertise to make me look good.

Your clients hire you because you are an expert. Do you use your expertise to make them look good? Do you recommend solutions that are the best fit for them, even if it means lower profits for you?

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