Update Your Calendar By Phone

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jott is a free service that allows you to call a toll-free number, leave a voice mail and it will transcribe it and email the message to you or whomever you choose. I've talked about this service before, but with recent laws making it illegal to text while driving in Phoenix, it is even handier these days.

Jott has added even more features, and one of them includes being able to leave a message about an upcoming appointment and have it automatically added to your Google Calendar. So, for example, while driving I can call Jott, leave a message that says "Meet with Sally the Florist on Tuesday at 2 pm" and my calendar will be updated with that information without me having to take any extra steps.

If you don't use Google calendar, you can find software that will allow it to sync with Outlook or iCal. This way, you can still add appointments by phone, and Google Calendar will sync and update all your calendars, whether they are on your computer, your assistant's computer, your Blackberry, etc, so that you always have the information wherever you are.

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