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Friday, May 23, 2008

wedding planner evansville indiana

Name: Saundra Hadley

Evansville, Indiana

Company Name:
planning...forever events

Number of Years in Business: 5



How did you get started in wedding planning?

Unlike most people, I didn't get started because I loooooved weddings. Quite the contrary. We were living in Los Angeles (a native) and I was doing corporate event planning and I started donating my event planning skills to close friends simply for the fact that I did NOT want them to ask me to be a bridesmaid or be stuck wearing some hideous bridesmaid dress! I thought that was rather clever!

Referrals were starting to pick up and my hubby and I decided to move across the country to the Midwest. Life, having a child and my career took me into a different direction for a few years but I always wanted to come back to being an event planner. One day, I had an epiphany. I was unfulfilled with my current job; so I did the research, got the marketing together, networked and opened my business. I think I was more shocked at how it took off more than anyone else.

If you had to start over what one thing would you do differently?

You know I hate this question. Because hindsight is always 20/20 and it's futile to think or say, "If I only knew then what I know now", because that is LIFE. But for purposes of helping others; what I would do differently is start my event planning career earlier in life with my business. I let too many "doubter" voices creep into my head, including my own voice. Tell those naysayers to go peddle their negativity somewhere else!!

What's your favorite item in your emergency kit?
Safety pins and binder clips . . . I'm like MacGyver with those items and fix almost anything!

What is the best piece of business advice you've ever received?

You need to separate yourself emotionally from your business and treat it exactly what it is: a business. That means you collect money on time. You don't work for free. And your services are valuable so don't ever be afraid to ask for your price or be ashamed of it.

What two people (past or present) would you have as guests at a dinner party and why?

I'm going to steer clear of any politicians or world leaders; I'd like to choke down my food without hearing half truths or lies.

1) My grandmother on my mom's side. I never got the chance to meet her and would love to fill in some gaps. And (I swear the first person that popped in my mind wins . . . .) 2) Will Smith. He's funny, smart, sexy and I'd love to hear about his conspiracy theories. Do you think he'd be willing to eat dinner with his shirt off?

What are your three favorite blogs besides
Only three??? My Google reader's feelings are hurt. I'm going to steer clear of any planners' blogs because I love so many of them that I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

I love, love, love photographer blogs. They are so lucky . . . to tell the story with pictures, NOT words. *sigh* My fave right now is bobbi+mike.

Nothing like reading real bride's blogs while they go through the stress of planning! I love Tying the Knot by Jessica Lynn.

I love reading DIY Bride by Khris Cochran. She has a great product (her ideas) and I'm privileged to converse with her often about many different subjects.

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