Schedule Your Posts in Regular Blogger

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A while back I talked about how to schedule your posts in Blogger so that they publish automatically, even if you are away from your computer at the time you want them to go live. For example, I knew I wanted to run my most recent giveaway on the Blue Orchid Designs blog beginning on May 1st, but I actually wrote that post about a week and half prior in April. By scheduling it, it automatically updated on May 1st and I didn't have to worry about forgetting to post it when I was swamped with other work.

This trick was achieved by posting in the draft version of Blogger, which is where new features are beta tested before being made available to regular Blogger users.

The scheduling feature is now open to regular Blogger users and not just Blogger in Draft users. To use it, you simply set the date and time stamp for when you want your posts to appear, and they will automatically post at your predetermined future time!

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