Balancing a Full Time Job with a Wedding Business Pt. 2

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Last week, Jessica asked for advice for finding balance between starting up a wedding planning business and working a full-time job at the same time. There are many great ideas from readers in the comments section on that post. Here are some perspectives on the topic that I received via email:

Melissa from Masterpiece Weddings and Be a Planner writes:

This is a great question, I know I struggled with it, for me this was 14 years ago. (Gosh, now I feel OLD!) I worked full time in an insurance office and luckily had a boss that didn’t mind if I got my “personal” email checked as long as the insurance job was done. But I also worked about 80+ hours a week. I had to network A LOT! In addition to my Insurance Job I also worked part time at nights and weekends at our local bridal shop to add to that networking with other vendors and to get myself in front of brides.

Looking back it was A LOT of work – especially adding that I met with potential and current clients at six pm or on Sundays. I think that time really gave me a sense of how much work the wedding business was going to be, and how work-driven I am. I love working with brides and making their dreams come true! So if I had to work 100+ hours in a weekend that I had a wedding, I was going to do it.

Luckily I knew that wedding planning wasn’t a “get rich quick scheme” – I’ve said this before – my first year in business I made a whopping $5,000! So it does take time, be patient and don’t be afraid to work and give it your all. Because it does take work, lots and lots of work. But the payoff is tremendous!

There were some days I forgot my husband’s name. But my business was succeeding, so he was okay with that.

Jessica from Stella Event Design shares her experience and has a few questions for you all to answer as well:

I currently work a full-time job, and maintain a new and growing wedding coordination business, and it's not easy! One of the most important things I do, is to make sure I take advantage of every free moment! I make vendor appointments on my lunch and work on seating charts, contracts or proposals on my breaks. I also set aside the first several hours after my "full time job" to work on my current wedding projects - that way it's a continuation of my work day, and I have time designated for that, so that nothing gets put off! I also plan my weddings accordingly, and don't take on more jobs than I can handle in combination with my full-time job, which has been a great choice for me. I want to make sure I give each bride the attention she needs, and sometimes that means turning down another job, so as to not overbook myself.

Over the next 8 months I am planning on transitioning to full-time planning, and am excited to grow the business and cut out the corporate 9-5. I'd love to hear from anyone who has made that transition, and things they learned, or problems they ran into!

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