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Friday, August 22, 2008

ohio wedding planner

Name: Kasey Skobel-Conyers

Location: Columbus, OH

Company Name: Bliss Weddings and Events

Number of Years in Business: 2



How did you get started in wedding planning? 
I first began my planning career in 2001 planning and directing cheerleading and dance championships all over the country. My largest event was at Walt Disney World for our National Cheer & Dance Championships with 8,000 attendees (4,000 of them were cheerleaders and dancers!) I then moved on to corporate events for Express. Fashion was very glam and fun but super high stress. I did love my time there though! I began doing more social events and really loved them. I knew it was time to move out on my own and do them full time.

If you had to start over what one thing would you do differently? 
I would have started Bliss much earlier - like four years earlier!

What's your favorite item in your emergency kit? 
Thankfully I don't have to break into it very often but when I do safety pins and various types of tape seem to be the favorites.

What is the best piece of business advice you've ever received? 
Never give up. When you feel like things are just too tough and you want to call it quits, you are actually on the brink of greatness. I keep this in mind and always think of it when I'm dealing with something challenging.

What two people (past or present) would you have as guests at a dinner party and why? 
I would love to have my Grandma Feinberg who passed away almost eight years ago. She did a lot of great things in her life and really inspired me to be who I am today. I think she'd be really proud of me and what I've accomplished since she's been gone.

I'd also invite you, Liene! I am so inspired by what you do with Blue Orchid Designs and The Smart Planner. I'd really enjoy meeting you in person and talking shop.

What are your three favorite blogs besides
This is tough! There are so many that I visit for daily inspiration.

1. C Studios Blog - Amy is a great photographer and writer.  Her pictures are so dreamy!
2. The Bride's Cafe - They always have great inspirational photos
3. Cream Puffs in Venice -  I love to bake! They have some really great recipes that are easy enough for me to try!

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