Scams Aimed at Wedding Professionals

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I've talked about common scams geared towards the wedding industry before, and you can read that post here.  Basically, the people will send you a check for your services, but for more than the amount, and then ask you to forward the remainder to another "vendor". By the time their check bounces, you're already out several thousand dollars.

This post is going to be an ongoing list of the names these scammers are using, so if you've received an email with the fictitious names, add their names in the comments.  Granted, there may be some legitimate brides and grooms with these names, but if their names appear in an inquiry similar to the one linked above, then you know to hit delete and move on.  

Marie Kent
Charles Ronald Oliverio
Angelina Kenth
James Phillips
Debbie Velasco
Richard Sparks
Camila Lawson
Terry Ray
Lucie Anne Signoret
Bertin Marchand
Timothy Frumy
Athena Amanda Lenzie
Diane Hadley
Paul Melman
Elizabeth Hyde-Johnson
Kelly Grindstaff

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