Selling Wedding Inspiration Boards

Thursday, October 02, 2008

In an effort to diversify income streams, many wedding planners and wedding bloggers have opted to sell inspiration boards to brides as part of their planning packages or as an a la carte design service. Unfortunately there is a major flaw with this plan: the photos are not theirs to sell.

While inspiration boards have taken the blogging world by storm, posting a style board on a blog is a different animal than selling it for profit. Many wedding photographers don't mind their photos being used on a blog. With their logo on them, they receive credit and brand recognition and generally the blog's readers will click over to the photographer's blog to see more of their work. Many photographers, however, do not license their photos to be resold in any form. This includes selling their photos as part of an inspiration board.

In order to sell an inspiration board, you need to obtain permission and resell rights from each and every photographer of the photos you are using. Otherwise, selling those photos - in any form - is illegal and could land you in an expensive lawsuit.

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