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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The next time you are in a rut creatively, whether it's coming up with a new tablescape design concept for a client, writer's block in regards to a blog post, or vision mapping and goal setting for 2009, check out the Idea Generator from The Directors Bureau Special Projects.

idea generator

Press the refresh button on this handy little widget, and it delivers three randomly selected words.  What you do with those words is up to you.  I tried it and got this combo: "fresh, flying, garden".  What comes to mind when you think of those words in relation to each other?  For example, at a wedding, you could serve all the hors d'oeuvres on suspended trays of varying heights versus on a standard table.  This would add a rustic chic element to an outdoor cocktail hour.  An idea that could go a few different directions and inspired by the idea generator. 

idea generator

You can use the Idea Generator for free directly on the website, download it as a widget or for 99 cents, even add it to your iPhone as an app so that you have it on the go.  Both the widget and iPhone apps allow you to change the words so you can add some that are relevant to your industry.

Try it out and see what brilliant ideas you come up with!

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