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Friday, November 21, 2008

las vegas wedding planner

Name: Tracey Kumer-Moore

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Company Name: Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge

Number of Years in Business: 6.5



How did you get started in wedding planning?
Well, it was all because of love actually. In December 2000 I moved to the USA and Las Vegas from Toronto, Canada to marry the love of my life (we will be celebrating our eighth anniversary this February) and I am a Las Vegas bride. In Toronto I managed a dental office for ten years and decided that with my new life in Las Vegas I was going to pursue a new career; one that married (pun intended) my love of music, art, décor, fashion, food and entertaining with my administrative and communication skills and attention to detail.

I hate to admit this, but it was my experience in planning my own wedding that led me to this decision to think of wedding planning. Not long into my job search in the wedding business, 9/11 happened and Las Vegas experienced a slow-down. It was during this time that I realized it would require so much more than just a can-do attitude and my present skills so I enrolled in the June Wedding Inc. Certification course and worked very hard to achieve my JWIC (June Wedding, Inc. Consultant) status.

After looking into positions with a variety of wedding departments at hotels, and upon the advice and support of one very insightful wedding chapel director (who I continue to enjoy working with today in a different resort) and my wonderful husband, I took the leap of faith to open Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge and I haven’t looked back.

If you had to start over what one thing would you do differently? 
It’s going to sound corny but as far as the route I took to open my business, I would not have done it any differently as I believe each step contributed to my confidence in my abilities. However, the one thing I should have done is left the “Your” off of my business name as it tends to drop me down to the bottom of an A-Z listing. So, for anyone reading, remember to scroll down!

What's your favorite item in your emergency kit? 
Hollywood Fashion Tape products have been G-d send and it’s amazing how versatile they are. I have them in both my bride and groom kits. Also big is my Tide Pen and pin assortment.

What is the best piece of business advice you've ever received? 
From my husband: “The Overnight Success Stories all have one thing in common - They are 99% workaholics and 1% lucky” to which I add that those workaholics and go-getters are always the ones that show up to grab that luck!

What two people (past or present) would you have as guests at a dinner party and why? 
Actually, I would love to have my family and extended family over for dinner (need to have a much bigger place than I do know) as I miss them so much being that everyone is still back in Toronto.  It’s especially tough not being able to attend all the weddings and celebrations at home. Being a part of a big family and all the celebrations and weddings are part of my very fond memories growing up. I’m still trying to convince one of them to think of an excuse to have a wedding or party in Las Vegas so I can plan it and be part of it.

And yes, I really would love to have President Reagan and Nancy Reagan and George W. Bush and Laura Bush as dinner guests! I do believe that would be one heck of a conversation! All four of these people, individually and as couples, have made such indelible impressions, both for good and bad, but through it all had and have enduring love and commitment to each other under the pressure and public bubble of being the first couple. I imagine the stories would be incredibly fascinating.

What are your three favorite blogs besides
The Wedding Marketing Blog, for great wedding industry market advice written by my good friend Andy Ebon., because I am a tech nerd.

Ready to Spark Blog, which has so many amazing and inspiring event ideas and is written by Lara McCulloch of the award winning Regal Tent Productions based in Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada just outside of my hometown of Hamilton so I have to give her a shout-out. She just restarted her blog after a leave of absence for her own wedding so it’s great to have her posts to read again.

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