Branding via Telephone Part 2

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

by guest expert Terrica Skaggs from Fabuluxe™ Inc.

What’s That Ringing?
Ringtones are blah. With Ring Central, you have the option of choosing music in place of standard ringtones (the standard “ringing” sound to your line).

Music sets the mood (remember, we’re dating). What mood would you like to find when you first speak to your client or prospect? What music genre is reflective of your brand? While you should choose accordingly, you should also choose wisely, remembering that not everyone is a fan of every genre.

Here is some help: Blues, jazz, classical and folk music are said to be “reflective and complex”; country, pop, and religious themed music is “upbeat and conventional” and rap/hip-hop, soul/funk, and electronic/dance is “energetic and rhythmic” according to one study. Other studies say that classical music helps increase spending, possibly a good mood to find a client in when you are trying to sell a full-service package.

If You Leave Them Hanging, They Will Hang Up
Once you have chosen music that is appropriate for your company, brand and demographic, go the extra step to record a hold prompt. In the article “People ‘On Hold’ Prefer Information to Apologies”, callers were more apt to stay on hold if they were given information as opposed to apologies or music alone.

So instead of “We apologize for the wait, we’ll be with you in one moment”-- try sharing valuable information with your callers like “Thank you for holding. While you are waiting, why not check out our blog at….” Or “Limited 2009 date are still available. Pricing starts at $XXX. Please stay on the line for more information”.

Are you having a special promotion or have recently received accolades or press? Mention it with your hold prompt. Your hold prompt can interrupt your music between 15 to 60 seconds. Time is the “stuff” life is made out of, don’t squander it—because time is money. You have a very short window of interest and you want as many positive messages to flow to your prospect as possible.

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