Branding via Telephone Part 3

Thursday, December 11, 2008

by guest expert Terrica Skaggs from Fabuluxe™ Inc.

Clients Should Get the Special Treatment, Too
Going back to the premise that this is like dating, my husband and I have an old adage when it comes to marriage: “To keep them, you have to treat them the same way you got them”. So now that you and your client are “married” to each other in service, you should still lavish them with personal attention at each step.

Import your contact numbers into your RingCentral phonebook and set up different rules for each client. For example, when my clients call, they now hear an Introductory Greeting, Hold Prompt and Voicemail Greeting especially tailored and recorded for them. It makes them feel special, and that is how I want them to feel, because I want to “keep” them. While it may take some time, it is well worth the investment, as the payoff is big. (Note: This only works when the client calls from a number you have specified for them in your Preferences. It will not work if they call from an unrecognized number—RingCentral is genius, not psychic.)

You can also specify hold music for each client as well. (You should rotate music often to avoid “song burnout” for those callers that frequently call you.)

RingMe Means Instant Communication
Using the RingMe option of RingCentral means you can place links on your web page and email signature that allows clients to get in touch with you with just one click. Callers can enter their telephone number at which they would like to be contacted in a certain time frame. The RingCentral system will then call them and connect them to you according to your specific rules at that time. Adding this simple feature to your website, ads, or email signature can help you capitalize on that small window of opportunity and interest that your future client is giving you.

You can sign up for RingCentral here.

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