Expanding Your Brand With Your Phone

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Last year, the fab wedding photographer Anne Ruthmann introduced me to Ring Central, a phone service that helped streamline my business and set appropriate boundaries.  I wrote about it previously on The Smart Planner here.

My friend Terrica from Fabuluxe™ Events also uses Ring Central for her business line and has agreed to share some tips on using it effectively for your business and incorporating your brand into it.  There is a lot of information, so we'll share it in a series here on The Smart Planner this coming week. 

Here is Terrica's introduction to her series on 'Infusing Your Brand Into Ring Central' and little bit of her story as to why she signed up for it:

I regarded Ring Central as extra and unnecessary expense when handling my everyday business. I already had my cell phone, and that phone had voicemail, which was basically all that I needed.

Reading a recent Twitter conversation about Ring Central and creating boundaries only solidified this for me all the more. I no longer wanted “just anyone” to have my cell phone number. I no longer wanted clients feeling like they had “all hours access” to me, and think “I know she’s getting this, but she’s just not answering my call”. After a client called me at 8 PM on a Sunday (seriously, what couldn’t wait 12 more hours when your wedding is nine months away?), I was ready to take the plunge.

Anything that I get, I tweak. It doesn’t matter what it is, and Ring Central was no exception. Ring Central will be another representative of my company, and it was absolutely imperative that it reflected that. Over the coming week, I will share with you the many ways I have “tricked out” Ring Central so that it is an extension of my method to communicating with clients, versus “just another expense”.

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