Meet the Planners 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

wedding planners

Each Friday on The Smart Planner, we meet a wedding planner and get a glimpse into who they are and how they got started.  Whether you've been planning weddings for 15 years or are just beginning to get your feet wet, knowing that other people are going through the same situations as you are is a healthy reminder that we are not in this industry alone.  Plus, some of the best learning comes from hearing another person's perspective.

This past year we've had the opportunity to meet the 30 wedding planners pictured above, all of whom serve in various markets across the country and around the world, and I am excited about some of the new wedding consultants we'll meet in 2009.  You can click here to catch up on any you may have missed. 

We'd love to meet you, too!  If you'd like to be considered for Meet the Planners, you may click here to review our submission guidelines.

Thank you to everyone who participated this past year and for allowing us to get a small glimpse into who you are!

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