Update on the Blogging Workshop

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Many of you have asked about whether or not we will be offering the Winter 2009 Blogging Bootcamp as a webinar or DVD. For this first one, no, we will not be offering it as a webinar.

It is an all day workshop and I want to give my full attention to the people attending. I also want the attendees to feel comfortable asking any question as it relates to their business and blogging strategy without the pressure of a camera in the room or the fear that such a personal business question could end up online for potentially all the world to see.

We do have other webinars in the works for this coming year, and we may add the Blogging Bootcamp in that format sometime in the future, but for now, the live workshops will be the only way this information is presented.

Update on the Winter 2009 Blogging Bootcamp: In the first two days of registration, we now have confirmed attendees from Arizona, California, Colorado and Indiana!  For more information or to sign up, you may register for the blogging workshop here.

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