4 Tips for Hiring A Graphic Designer

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Written by guest expert Kelly Ashworth of Kelly Ashworth Design

Four things wedding professionals should look for when hiring a graphic designer:

1) In addition to the obvious (referrals and a strong portfolio), I would say one of the most important things would be good chemistry.  If you meet with a graphic designer and walk away feeling any combination of excitement/relief/motivation, you have most likely found a good match.  But not every designer will mesh with your personality, so go with your gut. If you aren't "feeling it", it's probably best that you keep looking.

Also keep in mind that many designers approach your first meeting as a two-sided interview. I'm interviewing potential clients just as much as they are interviewing me. Come prepared, know your business and ask questions.

2) Will this designer be flexible (within reason)? Will you feel comfortable telling this person you don't like their concepts? Are they invested in producing the best work for you?

Ask for references if you haven't been personally referred to a designer.  And when speaking to references, ask about the process as a whole, not only the finished product. Did they meet deadlines? Were there any unexpected costs? Did they set your expectations accordingly?

3) As with anything, beware of a designer who seems overly pushy. Hiring a designer will likely put a dent in your marketing budget, so again - make sure you have a good gut feeling before proceeding.

4)  If you have set a deadline for your designer, please remember that in order to meet this deadline you will need to be prompt with feedback, changes and approvals.  It drives me nuts when a client wants something "yesterday" but will only get back with me once a week.

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