How to Be Consistent in Your Brand Image

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Written by guest expert Kelly Ashworth of Kelly Ashworth Design

Consistency in Brand Image

One mistake I see on a fairly regular basis is inconsistency in branding. Just because you're slapping your logo on everything doesn't necessarily mean that it's coming off cohesive and consistent with your audience.

• Are you speaking in the same voice? If your website is written in an upbeat/bubbly tone, don't switch to sarcasm for your brochures.

• Does your logo change with the tides? You need to maintain visual consistency to create brand awareness. If you are creating a logo using typography, avoid "trendy" fonts that you're seeing everywhere else. You may start to look dated in the matter of a season or two.

• Large companies create Branding Guidelines to maintain consistency. Consider doing the same for your business - it should include a list of acceptable colors, sizes and uses. For example, when I worked at La-Z-Boy many moons ago, their branding guidelines called for a specific color to be used for all color ads and printed materials. They had a minimum size requirement to ensure the brand was being promoted successfully. And they issued placement guidelines so that all logos were used in the same area on the page.

• If you need a little inspiration, I would highly recommend any of the Annuals put out by Communication Arts or Print Magazine. You will see award winning campaigns that clearly demonstrate effective branding.

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