Introducing Guest Expert Timothy Gill

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Timothy Gill and his wife, Monica, own and operate The White Box of Wedding Design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The White Box is a boutique studio where brides can come, sip on Perrier and receive expert help during their wedding planning process.

If you have read Bespoke, the White Box blog, you have heard Monica affectionately refer to Tim as the CFO. Tim has a degree in finance and handles all of the financial and legal aspects of their business. He also enjoys teaching others about money and budgeting in both their personal and business lives.

I am thrilled that Tim has agreed to write a few articles related to business finances for The Smart Planner.  Look for his first guest expert article tomorrow and for others coming up.  He also writes a blog called The Dollar Dance, where he candidly discusses financial matters in the hope that people will stop dancing around the topic of money.

If you have financial questions, feel free to post them in the comments.  We can't guarantee that all of them will be answered, but we do want to ensure that we are covering areas that you would like some advice in.

You can follow Tim on Twitter here.

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