Productivity Tip for Wedding Day Timelines

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Creating wedding day timelines and production schedules is a task that wedding planners must do for each wedding.  More often than not, you may find yourself waiting until the month prior to the wedding and creating the timeline in one prolonged sitting.

This time-consuming method requires pulling all the contracts from the various vendors, entering the times they arrive and the times they leave, calculating the length of set and strike based on everything that needs to be accomplished, making sure everything is packed up and loaded out by a certain point to avoid having your client billed with venue overtime charges, and so on and so forth. 

Instead of doing this all at once just before the wedding, create a block of time each week to work on timeline maintenance.  During this block of time, pull any information or vendor contracts that you may have received during the previous week and update each client's schedule. Some weeks you will have information to add and other weeks you won't.  By the time the final month rolls around, you'll have a timeline that simply needs to be tweaked in certain places rather than created from scratch.

This will save you time and stress during the busy wedding season because most of the detail planning work for the day will already be completed.  Creating your timelines as you go will also help you spot areas of potential conflict in advance and allow you plenty of time to remedy them.

Depending on the number of weddings or events you commission each year, your block of time needed for timeline maintenance each week will vary, but alloting 20-30 minutes is generally a good rule of thumb.

Each Tuesday, we'll be sharing a productivity tip to help you manage your time more effectively and get more done during your work week. Do you have a favorite trick that helps you be more productive? Share in the comments below and we may feature you and your tip in an upcoming segment!

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