Twitter Tips: Follow Fridays

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Each Friday on Twitter, something happens called Follow Friday.  Quite simply, Follow Friday is when everyone posts a tweet about people they think you should follow.  Here are three tips to make Follow Friday more effective and to help others find and follow new (or new to them) people they are interested in:

1. Include the reason in the tweet. For example: "My BFF's in real life: @annie @maryjane @sally" or "four business experts @soandso @etc".  Framing your Follow Fridays with some context gives people much more of a compelling reason to check out your recommendations.

2. Try to keep your recommendations to a few people each week.  It can get confusing very quickly when people post long lists seemingly without rhyme or reason.  If your Follow Friday is taking up 3 or 4 tweets, you are including too many people and lessening the chances that others will check out their profiles to see what they're about.  

3. Type the full hashtag: #followfriday or #ff.  Adding spaces in the hashtag won't index it properly.

Have you ever followed people on Twitter because of someone else's Follow Friday recommendation?

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