Workshop Updates: NYC, Tennessee and DC

Monday, May 25, 2009

An update on the workshops happening over the next few weeks:

This week I'll be in Manhattan and registration closes tomorrow if you want to sign up.  Some of you have asked if I am planning on doing a workshop in Philadelphia, and I'm not, so this one is probably the closest to you.

Next Thursday, June 4th, I'll be in Knoxville, Tennessee for the workshop.  There won't be one in Nashville, so if you're relatively close, this is the one you'll want to sign up for

The week after that (June 10th) I'll be back on the East Coast in Washington DC.  You can sign up for that one here (in August I'll be in Norfolk, Virginia if that one is more convenient for you). 

Here's a sweet note I received via snail mail from wedding photographer Kate Harrison who attended the San Francisco workshop:

Liene, Your San Francisco workshop was AMAZING! It was incredibly comprehensive, approachable and great fun. I can't imagine a better investment for my business presence. Thank you!!

For information on other workshops, you can check out the main website here. The price increases 30 days prior to each workshop, so be sure to sign up ahead of time for the early bird rate. 

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