Royalties and Inspiration Boards

Friday, June 05, 2009

Most wedding bloggers realize that selling inspiration boards is illegal, due to the fact that they don't own the copyright to the photos.  While the boards aren't sold directly by most, there are many bloggers whose blog's business model takes advertising revenue and is enough to sustain it as a full or near full-time business.

The question then becomes, should these bloggers be paying the photographers royalties for the use of their photos, since they are technically profiting from them?  After all, if they didn't have the inspiration boards, their blog would not have the traffic to sustain the ad revenue. 

This question has come up in several of my Blogging Bootcamps as well as at The B-List Conference.  While I personally don't know the answer, as an industry it is one of those questions that we need to think through critically and not shy away from just because it may be uncomfortable.

What are your thoughts? Vote below and share in the comments section.

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