Turn Off Your Computer and Go Eat

Monday, June 29, 2009

Social media should not be your entire networking plan when it comes to meeting and getting to know the other wedding professionals in your area.  While it is a useful tool to stay in touch between meetings, it is in your best interest to actually turn off your computer and get out of the office for a while in order to connect with people in person.

During my first year of business, I had lunch or drinks with other vendors at least twice a week. Yes, online media played a large part of marketing my business, but so did getting to know other professionals one on one or in small group settings.  I'm actually quite shy by nature, so these small meetings were (and still are) easier for me to handle than the large networking parties hosted by the local wedding associations.

Have lunch with another wedding professional in your area this week.  If you can't steal away for lunch, meet up with a few colleagues for happy hour.  It will help to unplug from your routine, refresh your spirit, and after all, everyone needs to eat.

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