Advertorial-Based Awards

Saturday, July 18, 2009

There seems to be some confusion as to what I meant by the "advertorial-based awards" that I spoke about in this post on social media and ethics.  I wanted to clarify a few things here:

Advertorial-based awards are awards that are only given to people who advertise with a particular publication or group, yet they are promoted as being attainable by any professional in the industry.  For example, several magazines host annual awards open to their local industries, yet year after year, only advertisers win - even when that vendor was up against someone far superior in talent for the same award.

Advertorial-based awards are not the same as awards only open to members of certain groups.  For example, if NACE or a photography organization were to hold a contest amongst members who pay to be a part of those groups, then that is a simply a contest amongst members.  It is not an advertorial-based award.

There is nothing wrong with paying to be a member of an organization and there is nothing wrong with those organizations hosting competitions among members.  After all, you can't win a Girl Scout award if you aren't a Girl Scout and those awards are rightly not available to non-members. 

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