How Social Media Forces You To Be More Creative

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some wedding professionals aren't afraid to blog because their ideas will get stolen; they're afraid to blog because they are scared that their clients will see that they've used those same ideas before.

It's easy to convince a bride that your creative idea for a guest book table is fun, fresh and unique. It's easy to tell her that you've created it just for her. And as long as you keep your ideas offline, how would she know? All it takes is for a former bride to post her wedding on Facebook and suddenly your current bride is seeing, via six degrees of separation, her "custom" wedding design already done at someone else's wedding.

If a couple is paying you to come up with a new idea, then it needs to be a new idea, not an idea you've been recycling for two years and hoping they never find out. As business strategist Gary Hamel says, "if customer ignorance is a profit center for you, you have a problem".

Putting your ideas out into the world online not only allows you to set a trend and claim the idea as yours first, but it also forces you to be more creative, to think up new ideas, to push your designs further. It will make your work more difficult. It will make your work better.

There are some things that should not be shared online until they're ready (true proprietary information and certain projects related to pending patents and trademarks come to mind), but there are plenty of ideas that should.  If you have a truly creative idea, put it out there. Then go invent a new one.

Originally published July 2009

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