Splendid Sundays Volume 2

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A handful of splendid finds and interesting tidbits from around the world wide web:

Still my favorite post by Seth Godin. Where do you fall on this scale? What things can you do or thought patterns can you change so that you can live more in the generous and calm quadrant?

25 Signs You've Got a Strong Social Media Consultant or Agency. Pay special attention to #20 on that list: "Won’t act as your social media ‘voice’ or ghostwrite for you".  Ghostwriting for social media misses the point and damages your credibility. This applies to both blogging and Twitter.

CEO Michael Hyatt discusses the unproductive questions we ask ourselves and how to make a subtle yet powerful shift in your perspective.

Grace at design*sponge has a great Biz Ladies post on How to Pitch Bloggers. It includes the perspectives of several design bloggers, but applies across the board to any creative-industry, in my opinion.  If you pitch your product or service to wedding bloggers, be sure to read this.

If you're in a design rut, or simply want to be inspired, check out Colour Lovers - a social networking site for creative inspiration. Browse, create and share color palettes, patterns and more.

Do you have any splendid finds to share?

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