Tips for Choosing Your Twitter Name

Friday, July 17, 2009

If you're using Twitter, the username you choose is important. Here are some tips to make it both beneficial for you and easy for others to follow or tweet about you:

Choose a name where all the words can be spelled correctly.  
Twitter limits the amount of characters your username can have, so not everyone's company names always fit.  If you have to omit a letter or two in order to get the name to fit, ex: 'insprd' instead of 'inspired', consider a different name all together.  People will not remember which letter is missing when they type your name and it will result in links that send people to a page that doesn't exist instead of to your Twitter page.

Avoid using an underscore in your name, if possible.
The underscore '_' can be difficult to type in a hurry, especially if people are tweeting from a phone.  Since the point of Twitter is to be able to update on the go, you want to make your name as user-friendly as possible.

Choose a name people can remember easily.
If your company is named after your real name, it's a good idea to make your username consistent with that. Using a nickname can confuse people and make it difficult for them to remember what your Twitter name actually is while typing.

Real Name vs. Business Name
If you are twittering for business, it is perfectly fine to use your real name as your username.  It is also perfecly acceptable to not use your real name and to use your business name instead.  For example, I use my company's tagline as my username: @thinksplendidSplendid Communications is too long to fit.  Also, I don't use my real name because Liene is always misspelled (and mispronounced: it's Lynn, in case you were wondering) and I don't plan on keeping my last name when I get married, so that is not something I want to actively brand.

Tip: if you need to change your Twitter username, you can do so in the settings tab, without changing your account. Your followers and the people you're following will remain intact with the new name.

Are you on Twitter? How did you select your username?

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