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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Laura Novak is one of those women who can seemingly conquer the world all while keeping her pretty manicure glossy and chip-free.  She is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and her quiet humor is as sharp as a tack.  On top of that she is a brilliant business woman.  And on top of that she is insanely talented.  It is a trifecta that has made her one of the most successful photographers today (and by successful, I mean by the business math, not by how popular she may be in the social media sphere).

In addition to her wedding and children's portrait photography, Laura writes a blog (co-authored by her husband, John) called Strategy Avenue.  The blog is actually an off-shoot of one of her companies by the same name, which provides business planning materials for photographers.  While the blog may be geared towards photographers, any entrepreneur in a creative industry can learn quite a bit from the business wisdom she shares. 

The Strategy Avenue blog is not updated frequently, but when it is, it is worth the wait.  You can catch up on previous posts in their archives and subscribe to the blog here.  You can also follow Laura on Twitter here.

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