The Next Big Thing

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

With the decline in popularity of Facebook and with Twitter showing signs of getting ready to jump the shark (if it hasn't already), people often ask me what the "next big thing" is in social media.  The truth is that I don't know.  No one really does, because none of us have a crystal ball.  Moreover, as long as technology advances there will always be a "next big thing" and yes, you will often have to keep up while learning to evaluate which tools make sense for your own business.

That said, a somewhat newish social media site to hit the scene is Posterous.  Posterous is ridiculously easy to use (post via email) and addictive. I've been playing around with it for a while, but have gone through and deleted previous posts so that only the ones from this past week are public.  (I know - how anti-social of me.) At any rate, I've decided that where this tool makes sense for my company is to blend the personal and business a bit more. I am using it as a place to share favorite finds, inspirations and other tidbits that may not fit the scope of the Think Splendid blog or Twitter

Posterous can host your own domain name (mine is and can support Google Analytics.  While it can function as a blog on its own, I do not recommend it for that for the reason that you still have limited control over the look and functionality.  It is similar to Tumblr, but offers a bit more versatility and ease of use.  It is not a good substitute for Twitter because while it allows comments, it doesn't offer the interaction and conversation that Twitter has become known for.

You can check out Find Splendid here and the main Posterous site here.

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