Quick Exercise for Getting Through a Creative Block

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ever feel like you're in a creative rut? Call it what you will -- writer's block, blogger's block, tablescape block, creative eye block, dark night of the artist's soul -- we've all had our moments where we just need to push through and get things done even if our minds have packed their bags for a spontaneous vacation to Buenos Aires.

Taking an extra day off, going to a museum, taking a point and shoot camera out to a back alley to capture textures and color are all great exercises to get your creative juices flowing, but sometimes they're not feasible. Sometimes we just need our minds to hurry home in ten minutes flat, no time to dilly dally.

If you ever find yourself in a creative jam, here's one of my little quick-fix recipes for getting out of it:

1. Choose a blog that is ultra heavy on photo posts.  I recommend choosing a site that is not directly connected to the industry you are in.  For example, if you're in the wedding business, don't look at wedding blogs.   

2. Scroll through the pages very quickly.  Stop only when a photo truly catches your eye. 

3. Answer these questions, either in a journal, Word document or as blog post:

  • What three things stand out to you in that photo?
  • How does the photo make you feel? (cheesy, perhaps, but it works)
  • What memories does it stir up, if any?
  • What daydreams does the photo prompt, if any?
What do you do when you're in a creative rut?

Originally published August 2009

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