Using Social Media to Increase Your Company's Value

Friday, August 14, 2009

laura hooper map phoenix arizona

Many companies who sell a product are generally reticent to attach their personality to it when it comes to the social media space.  They want their work to "stand on its own", or "people care about the product, not about me" are how the usual arguments go. The bottom line though is that in a world where competition is fierce, YOU are what separates your product or service from your competitors. 

Laura Hooper is a good example of this.  Laura is a calligrapher and illustrator whose wedding maps (pictured above) quickly went from being just one of the products she offered to becoming an industry trend largely thanks to the wedding blogging community.

Like any must-have item or service, her maps are now knocked off all the time.  Many calligraphers currently offer a variation of this concept to their clients, many produce work that looks decent and many offer them for a lower price than Laura does.

However, while Laura may have lost a small amount of people purchasing solely on price, the demand for HER maps has increased. 

By participating in the social media space in a real and authentic way, including showing a photo of herself on her blog and her Twitter page and not just of her products, people have formed an attachment to Laura as an artist and not just to Laura's art.  As such, they are willing to pay more for a Laura Hooper original. They no longer care about the product itself, they care about Laura.  It's not a wedding map they are after, it's a Laura Hooper map. 

As sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer says, "All things being equal, people like to do business with people they like.  All things being not so equal, people still like to do business with people they like."

What are you doing in the social media space to ensure that people are getting to know the people behind your company and not just the company itself?

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