Profanity and Wedding Blogs

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One of the guidelines that I have in my company's social media policies is that I don't allow profanity in the comments left on my blogs and that I reserve the right to delete those that include it.

This policy really has nothing to do with my own views on language, but instead has everything to do with how my potential clients feel about it.  Like it or not, profanity carries a very different weight when it is in writing than it does when it is spoken. Several of my clients have remarked off-hand that they were turned off by the language used on some of the other blogs they read while researching vendors, even though, ironically, they have no problem using similar language during our meetings. 

My wedding blog has always been a critical marketing vehicle for my business, and I am not going to lose a client over someone else's inability to filter their words.  I figure that if a reader who wants to leave comments that include profanity starts sending me checks every month, then I'll let those comments be published.  Until then, this guideline stands.

What is your company's social media policy on profanity?

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