Using Your Blog Photos to Increase SEO

Friday, September 18, 2009

Here's a simple change you can make to your blogging workflow that will help you increase your search engine rank significantly, especially in Google's image search:

Change the titles of your photos to keywords that describe the photo.

For example, when photos are uploaded to a computer, many of the individual photo titles default to a combination of numbers and letters: DSC_8247, 34358_9492, etc. Many photographers and some wedding bloggers will even change the default titles for their own filing purposes: ThinkSplendid_ClientName_37, etc. 

By changing the titles to a description of what the photo is (ex: pink peony centerpiece; green and white bridal shower, etc) you increase its chances of being found in a Google search. 

When adding the keywords, keep it simple and descriptive of the photo.  Put yourself in a bride's shoes and try to think like they would.  What will they have to type into the search engine to find your photo? When people sit down at a computer to search for wedding inspiration, they are not typing in DSC_8247.

Avoid listing several random keywords together (ex: 'Best Wedding Cake Baker in West Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, all of Southern California and the World') and focus instead on what makes that photo unique.

Doing this may add a few minutes to your blogging process, especially if you are not a photographer and don't have the software to run a quick action, but the return on those few minutes will pay off in the long run.

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