6 Tips for Using ReTweets to Your Advantage

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One of the most useful aspects of Twitter for wedding businesses is the retweet factor. If your update is retweeted (or reposted by someone else), the information that originally went to your network, is now being shared with multiple other networks, putting your brand and information in front of a broader audience. Here are some tips on how to be retweeted more often and some advice for when you retweet someone else's updates:

1. Studies show that updates with links that are retweeted the most often use bit.ly or su.pr to shorten the links. Tinyurl.com is retweeted the least often because it is the longest of the url shorteners and often gets cut off in the retweets.

2. If you want the update to be retweeted by others, leave room for at least the number of characters in "space RT space @YourUserName".  This is a strategy we employ with the @pinkinitiative daily quotes and tips (we leave 19 characters open at the end) and it works well. People spread relevant information to their followers and the word about the non-profit organization reaches a larger network.

3. If you are retweeting someone, the two most common models are adding RT @TheirUserName at the beginning of the update or (via @TheirUserName) at the end of the update.

4. If you are using the RT @TheirUserName method, put your own opinion or thought before the RT and not at the end of their statement. Adding your thoughts at the end, even in parentheses, causes confusion as to who said what.

5. There is no need to retweet every positive thing someone says about you. On occasion, this is acceptable because part of being an entrepreneur means you have to promote your company.  Doing it for every positive tweet however is a surefire way to annoy your followers.

6. When you retweet something someone else said, be sure to include their name in your post to give them credit for the original tweet.

How has the retweet factor helped you on Twitter?

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