How To Get Brides To Read Your Wedding Blog

Friday, October 30, 2009

Editor's Note: This post originally ran in July 2009, and I am reposting it now since the topic of attracting readers is one I've been asked by several people recently. 

If you want brides to read your wedding blog, don't try and sell them anything.  Don't talk about what you can do for them as a wedding professional. Don't talk about your store or your publication. Don't only talk about the products your store carries.

Brides are reading your blog in search of information or inspiration that will help them have a better wedding.  If you make it your goal to help them have the best wedding possible, regardless of whether they hire you or not, the chances of your phone ringing will increase exponentially and you'll find that doors will begin to open to opportunities you never even thought to dream up.

Remember, the world is a bakery that produces fresh opportunities each day.  It's not a fixed pie where everyone has to fight for the last crumb.  You can argue that these are quaint philosophies with no real-world application, but this is largely how I've built my wedding business in a relatively short amount of time.  And it's worked.

Try it out: blog valuable "I should really be charging for this" information three times a week for six months.  At the very least, if it doesn't get your brand a broader audience or more calls, it will have increased your search engine rank, making it easier for other brides to find you on Google later on.

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