Social Media Etiquette: Saying Thank You Online

Monday, October 26, 2009

Call me old-fashioned, but I am definitely of the camp that believes a handwritten thank you note trumps an emailed thank you any day.  However, there are some instances when an online thank you via social media is appropriate, but even this line has become pushed further and further in the name of "efficiency".  Here are some thoughts on the etiquette of saying thank you online:

*If you are saying thank you for a thank you gift, sending them a note on Twitter or Facebook or via email to acknowledge receipt of the gift and their kindness is perfectly acceptable.  Drafting a handwritten note of gratitude for the other person's note of gratitude is a bit overkill in these types of situations.   

*If you are sending a thank you gift that includes an online order (flowers, gift cards, etc), then a handwritten note doesn't need to arrive a few days later as well.  The note that is printed from your order on the gift tag is sufficient.  

*If you are saying thank you and not sending an online gift, then it should be via a handwritten note and not done via email or in a Twitter message. 

Saying thank you should never be a matter of efficiency.  There are some things in life and business that you should slow down for and expressing your gratitude is one of them.  Even from a pure business standpoint, investing the time and energy into saying thank you via snail mail will set you apart from the majority of your competition because most of them won't bother saying thank you at all, and those that do will do so via email. It's not hard to tell which company will stand out.

What are your thoughts on saying thank you online?

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