Social Media Etiquette: Sharing Private Conversations Online

Monday, October 19, 2009

Social media has made it easy to share conversations, but not all conversations are meant to be shared online.

If you plan on blogging or tweeting a conversation you had with someone in person or via email, ask their permission prior to posting. They may have meant that particular conversation for you only and not for public consumption.

If you are sending an email, consider letting the recipient know at the beginning of the email if you'd like it to remain private. There have been several emails that I have prefaced with a sentence such as "the following information is not yet public knowledge, so please don't blog or tweet about it yet".  I've also asked, "is it okay if I post about this online?" in reply to emails I've received.

If someone asks you to not blog or tweet about part of a conversation you've had with them, respect their wishes. It isn't worth risking your professional or personal relationship with the other person over the buzz that information might create online.

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