The Value of Blogs vs Other Social Media Outlets

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For the majority of 2009 I've largely neglected my wedding blog. This neglect has been purposeful and was part of an experiment I did in conjunction with my blogging workshops.  I wanted to see, with real results, what would happen if an established wedding blog stopped posting on a consistent or frequent basis.  While I certainly want to apply a "don't try this at home" disclaimer and don't endorse the type of absence I gave that blog, I did want to share some of the the findings here.

The results? Even with the purposeful neglect, the blog still receives several thousand unique visitors per day.  Many find it through a Google search for wedding-related search terms that bring up related posts I wrote two and three years ago.  The subscriber count has still been increasing daily as well.  Because the content is largely text based and not photo based, it has given the search engines a wealth of information to crawl.  Also, because my focus for that blog has always been practical, tried-and-true wedding planning advice rather than being heavy on the visual inspiration side, the information presented is still relevant to today's couples because it isn't trend based.

So how does this information help you? It means that even if you blogged often for a year, with text and not just photos, and then walked away, your blog would still help generate organic search engine results for your company.  This is a benefit that blogging has that Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed and other social media outlets do not.  When you post your content on those sites, they help increase the rank of those sites. When you apply the content to your blog, it helps increase the search engine rank of your own site or blog.

I do believe Twitter and the other sites are valuable for their own unique reasons, but comparing each as though they bring the same things to the table is an apples to oranges scenario.  Understanding what each social media tool offers and how it can help your company is critical to developing an online media plan that brings a return on the time, energy and money you invest.

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