Wedding Blog Readership Cycles

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

One disadvantage that wedding bloggers have versus the other types of bloggers is that it is much more difficult to build a loyal readership. A few months after the wedding day, the bride will decide that your content is no longer relevant to her life and will unsubscribe, moving her attention elsewhere.  One advantage that wedding bloggers have over other bloggers is that they can repeat content much more easily because of this cyclical audience. 

A wedding blogger has a bride's attention anywhere from 6-18 months as she plans for her wedding. Every three months or so you'll have a wave of new readers (your readership will most likely spike the most during the Thanksgiving to Valentine's day engagement season each year). This means that you can recycle old content, because unless the post is about a specific trend (poufy wedding dress sleeves or fuchsia and tangerine color palettes), the material will be useful information that this newly engaged bride can use in planning her wedding.

The majority of your readers will not spend their time digging through all of your archives from the past few years. When you have blogger's block, filter through your best advice and re-post it for your new audience.

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