7 Tips for Submitting Photos to Wedding Blogs by Vane at Brooklyn Bride

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vane Broussard is the founder of the modern wedding blog Brooklyn Bride and the co-founder of The B-List, a group comprised of many of the top wedding bloggers.  I asked Vane to share some tips for photographers and other vendors on submitting real weddings and content to wedding blogs. You can follow Vane on Twitter here.

When Liene asked me to offer up some tips to wedding professionals for submitting weddings to blogs, I jumped on the chance.  It's a question I'm often asked from photographers especially, so it's a great opportunity to put those questions to rest once and for all.  The tips I'm offering below are truly a group effort from a few of us bloggers (Liene, Emily from OnceWed, Ami from Elizabeth Anne Designs, and myself) after many conversations on the topics of exclusivity, legality, etc, when it pertains to blogging, so don't feel like you have to take this as the end all of the topic.  These are merely how we prefer to deal with submissions, and not every blog may subscribe to these recommendations.  Many blogs have submission requirements already laid out on their sites, so it's a good idea to check them out for each blog.

1. PLEASE do not send a real wedding to more than one wedding blog at a time.  Also, give them a time frame in which to accept or deny before passing it to the next blog.  It is time consuming for bloggers to set up posts, and it's not in their best interest to show a real wedding that has already been seen on another blog or that has been promised to another blogger. 

2. If you are submitting a real wedding to a bridal magazine, do not send it to a bridal blog, too.  The magazine will not want a wedding they are featuring to be published online before they have published it. 

3. Before sending photos out to a blog for consideration, make sure that the bride and groom want their wedding images published to begin with - especially if they appear in the images you're sending.   Also check with all vendors involved (wedding planner, florist, location, etc) to see if they've submitted photos to other blogs before promising a wedding to a specific blog.  More often than not, this has happened to bloggers, and they are left having to figure out who gets to post it.  It's pretty frustrating, especially if the post has already been coded.

4.  Know your audience.  Every blog has a different aesthetic and not all of them feature the same type of weddings.  Not all blogs even POST real weddings, so it is best to do your homework.

5. Do not send more than ten small-format images with your submission.  Most wedding bloggers get TONS of emails a day and need to be able to get a quick sense of the style of the wedding before making a decision.  Include some details shots if possible. If they want more pics, don't worry, they will tell you. 

6. Realize that it may take a few days or weeks for a post to go live on a blog.  If the wedding blogger doesn't tell you a live date you should ask for one and if 30 days goes by without a live date, you should withdraw your submission and send the pitch to another blogger.  However, you should tell the original blogger that you are submitting the pictures to another blog.

7. Many bloggers rely on the generosity of wedding vendors to get real weddings, but keep the best interest of your company in mind as you submit content for publication on a blog.  Do not allow yourself to be pressured by a blogger in relation to control of your work. 

I hope these tips help, and I'm happy to field any questions you might have.  Thanks Liene!


To view a list of publication guidelines for the most popular wedding blogs, please visit the wedding blog directory

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